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TCC Library Mission & Policy



The purpose of TCC Library displays is to exhibit materials that may be of interest to students. These displays are intended to educate and inform patrons and visitors about subjects of current or historical interest with library resources. Displays are subject to approval by library management and are in compliance with Tulsa Community College guidelines. 

TCC Library displays may portray materials that focus on various academic pursuits or special events. When materials on cultural issues are displayed, an attempt to represent all sides of the issue should take place. This may be accomplished within a single display, or through a variety of displays over time.

Proposed exhibits which emphasize library activities and collections take first precedence. However, displays may be planned in conjunction with TCC Departments or Schools when appropriate.

Informational material from other educational institutions and community organizations may be promoted but will be subject to approval by library management and in compliance with Tulsa Community College guidelines.



All displays must be sponsored by a Tulsa Community College division, department, or school. Library displays cannot be used to sell products or services by third-party vendors. Each division, department, or school may sponsor one exhibit per semester, as approved by the Display Coordinator.

Each campus location will designate a Display Coordinator who will be responsible for coordinating display timelines, approving non‐library displays, etc.

Exhibits will be displayed for no longer than a one‐month period; timeline and theme will be approved by the Display Coordinator for that campus library location. The Display Coordinator will determine exhibit installation and removal timelines. Installation must occur within a timely manner or the reservation will be forfeited.

Those wishing to have a display in the Library should complete the Display Proposal Form online at least six weeks before the exhibit opening date. (Exhibits of major proportions require more advance notification.)


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