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TCC Library Mission & Policy


Some videos purchased by the Library are licensed for special use by students and faculty. Some videos are provided to the Library by faculty, students or staff. These items may be retained in the Library or made available for use by the Library in an instructional setting.

Use of Videos

The use of any video materials provided by the Library must meet copyright laws and guidelines, including but not limited to the TEACH Act of 2002 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Each specific use of videos may require a separate legal exemption or license.

Video Access

The Library may purchase videos with public performance rights, home use only rights, or streaming rights. Public performance rights allow showing the video to a group within the college. No admission may be charged. Public promotion or announcements of a showing are allowed only under certain conditions and are generally limited to on‐campus distribution. Home use only videos can only be used in accordance with the Face‐to‐Face Teaching Exemption and no public showings are allowed without obtaining additional permission.

Rules Surrounding Videos

The Library should make every effort to comply with copyright laws and maintain relevant documentation on licenses acquired. Videos with streaming rights are provided through electronic copies, online links, or might be digitized from legally acquired video media and loaded on an internal TCC streaming server if legal conditions are met. Videos that are orphaned or are otherwise no longer available for new retail purchase may be digitally streamed. The Library may also choose to create and keep one secure offline backup copy of hardcopy (disc or tape) videos that are cataloged as part of the Library’s collection as allowed under Section 108 of the Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).

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