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The following outlines the policies and procedures followed by the College Archives. This section also describes the goals the College Archives staff have in place for themselves and the materials that can be found at the center.


The mission of the College Archives is to collect, arrange, describe, preserve, and make accessible College records of permanent, historical, and administrative value and to disseminate information about the holdings of the College Archives through research, campus publications, exhibits, and online resources. The ultimate goal of the College Archives is to create a permanent, living record of the historical heritage of the College’s unique role in the development and evolution of continuing and adult education in Tulsa County.

Definition of Records

All documents created or used in the course of College business are institutional records, and as such are the exclusive property of Tulsa Community College.

Use Policies

College Archives materials do not circulate, except through special permission via the Northeast Campus Library Director, Dean of Libraries, or appropriate Cabinet member. To view archival materials, a request form must be completed and submitted to the contact individual noted on the form. Routine requests for basic information contained in the College Archives should typically be filled within 48‐72 hours. In depth requests by non‐TCC patrons for information contained in non‐published materials or copies of photographs or other artifacts require a detailed outline of purpose and special permission from the Dean of Libraries.

All materials are to be used within the Library facility and should not be removed from campus without permission from library management or designee. Featured artifacts and materials may be on temporary or permanent display in the Library. Non‐published materials or copies of photographs or other artifact materials that are considered sensitive are not to be available to anyone without special permission from the Dean of Libraries and Knowledge Management. Any access restrictions on collection materials as instructed by the donor are respected. Photocopies of materials can be made on a selective basis, upon approval by the Dean of Libraries and Knowledge Management or appropriate Cabinet member. Copyright permission must be considered when publishing research conducted in the College Archives.

The College Archives will not house financial, student or faculty records.

Scope of College Archives

The College Archives may include the following:

(1) any Tulsa Junior College or Tulsa Community College historical artifacts (those artifacts which significantly represent events in the College’s history, as determined by the archivist)

(2) Historical Institutional Records – such as a charter, major press releases documenting major events and developments in College history

(3) select historical documents, teaching tools unique to the College, and limited and select artifacts related to the history of Tulsa County (pertaining to the College’s history)

Items Collected

The following items are accepted for the collection:

  • Manuscripts
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Pamphlets
  • Photographs, Negatives, & Slides
  • Correspondence
  • Ephemera
  • Digital files
  • Films (VHS, DVD, Streaming)
  • Audio recordings

Transferring Materials to the College Archives

The college archivist will manage the transfer of materials from a department on campus to the College Archives. The Archivist makes recommendations regarding the collection development of the College Archives, but final decisions rest with the Dean of Libraries and Knowledge Management.

Processing and Preserving the Collections

College Archives staff, interns, and volunteers are responsible for processing the collections in the archives as resources become available. Access is provided to the collections via the Library’s online catalog.

Inventory Counts

Under the direction of the Archivist, inventory counts for the archive should be performed at least annually.

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