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TCC Library Mission & Policy


Library staff must verify the patron’s identity prior to loaning any Library materials. Patrons with lost or overdue items may not check out materials. A library hold may be applied to an account to prevent students and patrons from checking out books or media until fines and fees are paid and overdue materials are returned.

Loan Policies for Books

Currently enrolled students and all staff may check out books for two weeks with two renewals of two weeks each, for a total of six weeks. Faculty may check out books until the end of the current semester.  Currently enrolled non‐credit ESL students may check out three books at a time from the circulating collection for two weeks with two renewals of two weeks each, for a total of six weeks.

Patrons who are not faculty, staff or current TCC students may use library materials on a more restricted basis. OSU‐Tulsa students may check out up to five items at a time for two weeks. OK‐Share patrons may check out two items at a time.

Membership in the Alumni & Friends Association is open to all graduates, former and current students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College. Memberships are provided by the TCC Foundation. Benefits include access to TCC Library spaces and computers at any one of the four campuses, including access to the on-site physical collections with the ability to check out up to 2 books/DVDs at a time. Friends may also utilize interlibrary loan to borrow materials from other library systems. Those who no longer have MyTCC access must contact Access Services to manually place interlibrary loan requests.

Persons no longer employed by the College lose their privileges whenever their department removes their employee appointment, the timing of which varies. Adjunct faculty typically only receive privileges during the semesters that they are teaching.

Loan Policies for Hotspots

Wireless hotspots may be checked out by students currently enrolled in credit classes only. Students must fill out a Devices and Materials Agreement Form before using Hotspots. Hotspots may be checked out on a semester‐by‐semester basis. Devices may be re‐checked each semester for up to one year as long as the student continues to meet the eligibility criteria. Hotspots must be returned at least once a year during the post‐summer semester intersession for inventory and maintenance.

Loan Policies for Laptop Computers

Students who are eligible may check out laptops through the Hotspot and Laptop Loan Program on a semester‐by‐semester basis. Devices may be renewed each semester for up to one year as long as the student continues to meet eligibility criteria. Students must complete an agreement form prior to checking out a laptop. Laptops must be returned at least once a year during the post‐summer semester intersession for inventory and maintenance.

Items That May Not Be Checked Out Without Permission

Reference materials may not be checked out from the library, except with permission from a Librarian or a Library Director. Periodical publications may not be checked out, except with permission from a Librarian, a Circulation Team Leader, or a Library Director.

Reserve Materials

Reserve Materials may be checked out for either a two‐hour period or a three‐day period, depending on the material. Most reserve materials may not be removed from the Library. Exceptions include reserve videos and designated textbooks. Faculty and staff may check out these reserve videos and designated textbooks for use in instruction; however, students are not allowed to remove reserve items from the Library.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges will be suspended when a borrower fails to comply with the loan policies of the TCC Library. The initial suspension will be for the rest of that semester and the next full semester, but at the second offense, privileges may be suspended indefinitely. The Library will make all reasonable efforts to notify the borrower that the borrower’s privileges are in jeopardy because of overdue materials or unpaid bills. Notices will be sent to the TCC email address. It is the responsibility of the borrower to check this regularly and be aware of when their library books are due. Non‐TCC affiliated users will be asked to provide an email address.

All borrowers have the opportunity to appeal a library bill or a library overdue notice by filling out the Library Appeals Form. The Library Appeals Committee will review your submission and make a final decision on the acceptance or rejection of your appeal within one week. You will be notified of this decision by email.

If books have been returned, please fill out a Claimed Returned form; this will initiate a library-wide search for the book on the shelves. Items should be claimed returned as soon as possible and will be renewed while the search is being conducted. If books are not found on the shelf, they will remain on the borrower’s record. If the library books have been stolen, a police report must accompany any appeal to have books removed from a borrower’s record.

Borrowing or renewal privileges can be suspended for failure to:

  • Return billed materials or pay for billed items
  • Return materials borrowed via Interlibrary Loan
  • Pay outstanding charges in excess of $75.00

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