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TCC Library Mission & Policy


This policy is applicable to the Library, which operates locations on all TCC campus locations. 



The purpose of this policy is to set forth the guidelines and procedures governing Library functions, Library activity, collection management, College Archives, records management, and personnel expectations.  

Library Mission

Library Mission

The Library is a college‐wide academic resource supporting learning and teaching at Tulsa Community College.

Library Vision

Library Vision

The Library is an enriched environment of knowledge resources where intellectual curiosity is inspired and nurtured, leading to the improvement of the individual and the culture.

Library Objectives

Library Objective

The  Library objectives are to:

(1) provide access to information and discovery through the Library’s services, resources, and technology

(2) teach information literacy and help students develop critical thinking skills

(3) provide space for knowledge exchange, collaborative learning, and meaningful study

(4) connect with students, faculty, and staff by building relationships that facilitate learning and transform thinking 

Library Responsibilities

Library Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Library are to:

(1) recruit, develop, and support a progressive staff

(2) assist patrons to navigate the vast amount of available information

(3) act as a catalyst for discovery by which students learn to transform information into knowledge

(4) offer a welcoming and secure environment with information‐rich study areas

(5) provide spaces where our students, faculty, and staff can find resources to improve themselves and their communities

(6) integrate its services with the wealth of resources available in multiple formats

(7) support teaching and learning by connecting with the array of instructional support services at the college

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