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It is generally not a regular policy for the Library to collect overdue fines; however, the Library reserves the right to assess and collect fines in certain circumstances. If the Circulation Team Leader chooses to assess and collect fines, fines and fees for missing or damaged equipment are assessed as follows in this section.

Overdue Books and Media

If the Library chooses to assess and collect fines, fines are assessed at the rate of $0.25 per day accumulating to a maximum of $10. A two‐week grace period is allowed once the due date is reached during which the fine accrues but is not charged. On the first day of the third week, fines begin with $1.50 per book.

Reserve Materials Fines and Fees

If the Library chooses to assess and collect fines, reserve items checked out on an hourly basis are assessed a fine of $0.50 for each hour late. . Reserve items checked out on a daily basis are assessed a fine of $1.00 per day for each day late. The maximum fine is $20 per item. There is no grace period for reserve material fines.

Patrons are charged a $20 fine for removing Reserve Materials from the Library. If Reserve Materials are not returned within 24 hours, the patron is charged the full price of the item in addition to the $20 fine. Once the patron pays for the item, said item becomes the property of the patron.

Patrons who have incurred fines for removing Reserve Materials are barred from future use until the fines have been paid. At the discretion of Library Staff, patrons who take Reserve Materials from the Library may be barred from future use.

Rules Applying to All Current Material

When the status of the item changes to damaged, long overdue, or lost, a replacement or repair cost is assessed. Faculty and staff are not charged fines.

Hotspot Fines and Fees

Students will be assessed a $20 fine for late returned hotspots. Any fines for a late/missing/damaged hotspot must be paid before a student may be allowed to check out a hotspot again. Once the student has been notified of an available hotspot, they have three (3) business days to pay the fine and pick up the hotspot. Service is shut off for any device more than one day overdue.

For missing or damaged hotspots, users will be assessed up to $140 to replace a wireless broadband device, $20 for a charging cord, and $20 for a case.

Hotspot and Laptop Lending Program Laptop Fines and Fees

All damaged or lost equipment is charged to the responsible student. A fee of $20.00 is assessed each day the laptop is late for up to seven (7) days. After seven (7) days, the laptop is considered lost and the cost to replace the device and associated components will be assessed to the student’s bursar account. If the student returns the device in good condition within 30 days of the date, the replacement fee will be removed, however, the late fees totaling $140.00 still apply.

The student is solely responsible for any loss or damages. The student will be charged a replacement and/or fee for a missing and/or damaged device and accessories. Replacement fees are, Laptop: $550.00 Charging Cord: $35.00 Cracked screen: $200.00. Any charges will be sent to the Bursar’s Office for collection and may prevent a student from registering for classes, obtaining diploma/transcripts, and/or graduating until paid in full.

Library Holds

Transcript holds and/or registration holds may be placed on TCC accounts with items in long overdue (lost) status and when the total amount owed for these items equals $75 or more. Patrons with more than $250 in item replacement fees may also have these fees applied to their TCC accounts.

A hold may be applied to a patron’s library account to prevent students and other patrons from checking out books or media until fines and fees are paid and overdue materials are returned. When a fine occurs, the holds on TCC and library accounts remain on the accounts until the fine is paid. Once the fine is paid, the holds are released. If the fine is not paid, the holds remain on the accounts for a three‐year period.

The holds are released after the three‐year period, unless the patron remains enrolled or associated with the college, in which case the holds will remain until fines and fees are paid and overdue materials are returned. When a fine occurs for an unreturned or damaged item, the holds placed on accounts remain indefinitely.

Long Overdue and Lost Materials

The replacement cost for long overdue or lost library books or media is charged to the patron. If the material is no longer available for purchase in the same version or edition, the replacement is estimated based on the price of the latest edition or version. If the replacement cost or the original cost of the material cannot be determined, a flat fee of $25 is charged to the patron.

At the Library Director’s or designee’s discretion, a patron may replace the long overdue or lost book or media in the collection with material purchased by the patron. To extend this offer, the following conditions must be met:
(1) Material must be in new, unused condition
(2) Proof of ownership may be required
(3) Material must be sufficiently similar to the long overdue lost or damaged item to satisfy its status as a replacement 

Damaged Material

Damaged books or media are assessed by the Library Director or designee upon return. A decision is made whether the material must be replaced or is still usable after minor repair. If the item needs to be replaced, the patron is notified about the charge and hold placed on their account. Damaged items should not be put back on the shelf.

Discretionary Action

Conditions pertaining to the actual collection of fines and lost charges may be subject to limited amendment or waiver at the discretion of the Library Dean, Library Director, Librarian, or Circulation Team Leader on each campus.

Continued Damage of Library Property

When a patron removes or destroys library materials, it is a violation of a social contract, and it deprives others of the benefit of this commonly owned resource. Material is considered damaged if it is not returned in the same condition as when it was loaned. Any patron who returns damaged items more than three (3) times in a calendar year will have their privileges revoked permanently.

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